Bronze- Aged 11 and over but under 14
Silver- Aged 13 and over but under 18
Gold Junior- Aged 14 and over but under 18
Gold Senior- Aged 18 and over but under 25
Gold cotswold- Aged 25 and over 


Walkers aged 11 or 12 must be accompanied by an adult, Explorer or Senior Section member.

Composite teams of three members not covered by any of the above Gold Classes may walk the full marathon as long as all members are aged 14 or over.  Such a team will be eligible for the Lowery or Soble Trophies only.


Accompanying Walkers:


Adults may walk with teams entering the Bronze or Silver classes. They must register as a walker, complete the health form and pay the entry fee.  Teams with walkers under 13 may walk with a silver or gold team but they must walk together to the bronze finish.