Cotswold Marathon RULES & GUIDELINES


The marathon is open to members of the UK Scout or Guide Associations. Adult members must provide their membership number on the entry form. Non-members may be allowed to take part at the discretion of the organisers.

b) Classes



(On Saturday of event)



Aged 11 and over but under 14

Walkers aged 11 or 12 must be accompanied by an adult or Explorer/Ranger


Aged 13 and over but under 18


Aged 14 and over but under 18


Aged 18 and over but under 25


                        Aged 25 and over

Composite teams of three members not covered by any of the above Gold Classes may walk the full marathon as long as all members are aged 14 or over.
Such a team will be eligible for the Lowery or Soble Trophies only.


Adults may walk with teams entering the Bronze or Silver classes. They must enter as a walker and pay the entry fee. Teams with walkers under 13 may walk with a silver or gold team but they must walk together to the bronze finish. All adults who are members of The Scout Association must have a current DBS and have completed Saftey & Safeguarding training (shown on Compass). This does not apply to Network members who are walking with other Network members or Explorer Scouts



Certificates, Medals and badges will be awarded to all walkers who complete the Marathon within the allotted times. Entry certificates and badges will be given to retirements.


Gait Trophy- Fastest team in Bronze Class
Male Trophy- Fastest Male team in Bronze Class
Female Trophy- Fastest Female team in Bronze Class
Di Large Trophy- Fastest Mixed team in Bronze Class


Keith Aston Cup- Fastest team in Silver Class.
Tony Day Trophy- Fastest Male team in Silver Class
Glos Div Girls Trophy- Fastest Female team in Silver Class
Sealey Trophy- Fastest Mixed team in Silver Class


Lowery Trophy- Overall fastest team in Gold Class
Junior Trophy- Fastest team in Gold -Junior Class
Senior Trophy- Fastest team in Gold – Senior Class
Justin Bailey (Lonsdale) Trophy- Fastest team in Gold – Cotswold Class
Soble Trophy- Awarded to an outstanding team at the organisers discretion
Lasses Trophy- Fastest Female team in Gold – Junior or Senior Classes
Ladies Trophy- Fastest Female team in Gold – Cotswold Class

The winners of the Lowery Trophy, Gait Trophy and Keith Aston Cup are not eligible for any other team trophy. Final rules will be circulated with the confirmation of entry.


A TEAM will consist of three people at the start of the hike. If more than three walkers start together, three must be nominated as the team at the start and only these three will qualify for a TEAM prize. If one or more members of a team retire during the event, then the remaining members of the team will be allowed to complete the hike with another team but will NOT be eligible for a Team prize.


Walkers may be retired if they don’t achieve these cut off times:- Bronze CP3 in 3hrs 30mins, Silver and Gold CP4 in 4 hrs or CP7 in 7 hrs from teams start time.


Back-up vehicles and support teams are not allowed, their use will result in disqualification. Supporters are asked not to follow the route in vehicles as parked vehicles cause congestion at checkpoints and in narrow lanes along the route. This could jeopardies the safety of walkers and prevent ambulances etc. getting to any incident.

h)   KIT

The following kit must be taken by EACH walker : Footwear suitable for rough and wet terrain(The organisers reserve the right to insist that walkers wear ‘BOOTS’ if adverse conditions prevail on the day), long warm trousers(not jeans), torch, spare batteries and bulb(if not LED), waterproof top, over trousers, sweater, gloves, warm hat, spare woollen/hiking socks, first aid kit (for minor injuries, blisters etc.), emergency food supply, survival bag(not lightweight), whistle, reflective bandolier or waistcoat, reflective leg bands, reflector or reflective tape on rucksack.     

The following minimum kit to be carried as team equipment: Sleeping bag, compass, map (- O.S. 1/25,000 Explorer series No. 179)